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Career counseling, Guidance, MentorinG, work experience & Job Assistance Program to handhold you in making your career into the IT & Management industry, leveraging the immense power of cloud which is soon to become the backbone of whole of it.

High Importance of Cloud in IT:
is the Next Big Thing in IT now!

According to various studies, by 2020 almost 75% all workloads /applications of world companies would run on Cloud. All the computer networks, servers, their security and the IT/ software applications developed in languages/ frameworks like Java, PHP, Python, etc. or be it based on latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Robotics, etc. are going to be 'Cloud native'. Meaning, all these IT applications would be developed, hosted or migrated to/on the Cloud directly and their development, operations and security activities would also take place on the cloud directly. Thus, Cloud becomes the Backbone of whole of IT and there is a great demand of Cloud professionals (be it in Technical or into Managerial roles) but there is a low supply. Therefore, to take our mission of 'spreading awareness about Cloud technologies and creating Cloud Intellectuals', we are offering this program to guide and mentor students, freshers, graduates and young professional towards their Technical & Management Careers in the IT Industry.


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Career Counseling & Guidance

Learn from the experts about the prospects of various IT technologies (Cloud Computing, AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, Android, Automation, DevOps, etc.), ITIL processes, etc. Also about Project Management, IT Sales & Marketing, Operations, HR and all the Managerial Skills in general that are required in the industry vis-à-vis corporate scenario.

Monetory incentives

Opportunity to earn big through our 'Learn & Earn' program.

Be a part of our growing community

Be a part of the wider professional community to network, build synergies and grow exponentially.

Work online from anywhere in a corporate environment and get exposed to corporate processes.

exposure to corporate environment

Work online in a flexible yet disciplined corporate environment and get exposure of of working on corporate processes.

FREE Trainings 

Free online trainings on latest IT technologies like Cloud Computing, AI, ML, IoT, Android, Block chain, Digital Marketing, etc. from experts across the world and no limits on the number of trainings.

Work experience (IT & MGMT. Projects)

Get to work in IT (latest technologies) & Management (Strategy, Operations, Sales & Marketing, HR, Project Mgmt., etc.) to receive work experience letter/ certificate for your full tenure (6 months - 4 years) with us.

Next Gen Cloud Intellectuals


See for yourself how we have helped our candidates to walk on the path of success by choosing various IT & Management careers

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